Department of Computer Science Engineering

Department of Computer Science Engineering

Computer Science Department is one of the leading departments in the campus providing technology-oriented programmes to meet today's needs of Industry. The department has highly qualified, experienced, and dedicated teaching faculty to impart knowledge in various fields including recent technologies helping students to take on any problem related to Computer Science. This has been one of the most lucrative and competitive course to study since its inception in Indian Engineering Colleges. This is really an excellent field to have opportunities both in software companies and higher studies. As computing is extensively applied to almost every walk of life, it creates massive jobs for Computer Engineering students. The Department of Computer Science and Engineering is renowned for cutting edge research and for imparting state of the art education through Industry Certified Labs, Latest software Technologies & Industrial collaborations. Arya group of college being the best engineering in college in Jaipur, Rajasthan provides the huge research platform to its student for their better growth and development.


Vision:To become the centre of Excellence in the area of Computer Science and Engineering and to meet the needs of the society and industry in self-sustainable manner.

Mission:To impart quality education and build a robust foundation of Computer Science and Engineering subjects among students so that they become capable to solve real-world problems.

Salient Features:

  • The department has young, energetic and highly qualified faculty members with PhD, PhD Pursuing and rest with M.Tech. Degree.
  • The department has state of art research facilities like WIPRO lab, Advance Hardware Lab and Robotics Lab where students can explore and learn latest technologies and develope new projects.
  • The Department has adequate teaching aids like Black/White board , Smart Board , LCD Projectors, Hand written notes and other teaching aids beneficial to the students.
  • The department consists of a highly advance server with facilities for conducting various online exams like BARC, RRB, RPSC, BANK Exam, High Court Exam and etc.
  • The Department collaborates with the WIPRO MTLC which is the first nodal centre in Rajasthan where students develope projects based on FPGA and Embeded system which are selected by WIPRO Bangalore.
  • The Department publishes magazine and news letter quarterly that keeps students up-to-date.
  • The department provides its resources for ARYA .Net Club that builds technical and Leadership qualities in students. Under this club students have developed various type of projects like, and
  • We conduct Tej Scholarship test to promote students.
  • We run a program in collabartion with Infosys named as Infosys Campus Connect that fill the gap between academics and industries.
  • The department conducts placement online exam (POLE) for the various placement drive.
  • The department organises MSIT traning program with the collabration of Microsoft for students of III year imparting knowledge for latest programming language and Technologies.
  • The Department has advance Robotics Lab which was developed with the efforts of students of our department providing hardware and software knowledge 24*7.
  • With the central library we also have a departmental library for the students to refer from the previous projects as well as magazine and journals on their topic of interest.
  • The Department provides beyond the curriculam lab of CCNA with CISCO Routers to explore the calibre of students.
  • Webinars are conducted by Infosys on current technologies by industrial Experts for the benefits of the students.
  • The department is associated with Microsoft as MSP(Microsoft Student Partners) that enhanced the awareness of Microsoft products.


Department of Computer Science and Engineering always strives to provide necessary support system to enable its students to become great scholars, scientists, engineers, leaders, and, above all, complete persons. We would like our teachers to be role models as truth-seekers and torchbearers leading our students to learn not only what is known but also explore the hidden treasures and discover and disseminate knowledge that would enrich the humankind.


  • To establish centers of excellence in various fields of Computer Science.
  • To encourage faculty members to take-up R&D and consultancy projects in the area of Computer Science and Engineering.
  • To train faculty members in the advanced domains of Computer Science.
  • To prepare students for successful careers and lifelong learning in computer science and engineering with strong professional ethics and behaviour.

  • To ensure effective teaching and learning process and quality research.
  • To encourage innovations, product design and new technologies.



  • Bosch
  • Google


The students of Computer Science and Engineering Department have been excellent work in successfully building projects ; a few are as follow :

Android application:

  • Place directory
  • Kid mania
  • Save me here
  • Health care
  • Online book finder


  • TCS
  • IBM
  • HCL


  • Internships and trainings are mandatory in VI semesters of 60 days.
  • TCS


Our alumni are spread all around the world and are serving in reputed companies making our computer science department extremely proud.

Departmental Labs

Case Lab Data Mining & Warehousing Lab Linux & Shell Programming Lab
Software Testing & Validation Lab GUI Lab Data Compression Lab
OOPS Lab Programming In java Project Lab
Design & Analysis Of Algorithms Lab Computer Graphics & Multimedia Lab Internet programming Lab
UML Lab DBMS Lab DATA Structure Lab
VLSI Lab Computer Programming Lab Computer Programming - II Lab
.Net Lab Oracle Lab Advance Computer Networks Lab
Robotics Lab Wirpo Lab Hardware Lab
Operating System Simulation Lab
Compiler Design Lab
C Programming Lab
Project Lab / R&D Lab
Database Lab
Linux And Network Programming Lab
Java Programming Lab

Industrial Alliances