Rules & Regulations

Attendance :
• A student should have secured minimum 75% attendance in the classes as prescribed by University, failing which he/ she shall not be allowed to appear in the University Examination.
• The students have to be punctual and should reach at least 5 minutes prior to the lecture timings in the lecture rooms.
• Appearing in all the mid term examinations is mandatory.

Identity Card :
• No student will be allowed to enter the college without his/her Identity card.
• Students are required to wear their Identity card in the college campus.

Hostel/Tuition and Bus fee :
• All the fees including Hostel fee, Tuition fee and Bus fee is to be deposited at the beginning of the session in due time.
• Delay or irregularity in fee submission may lead to heavy fine.

Discipline :
The college maintains high standard of discipline. Following are deemed to be some of the acts of indiscipline.

- Non-compliance of order, notices and college/hostel rules.
- Non-compliance of instructions of the staff member.
- Use of unfair means & Mobile in the examinations and in the Lecture rooms.
- Misuse and damage of college property.
- Non-participation in college activities.
- Provoking students to take part in strikes, morchas etc.

Student involved in any act of indiscipline is liable to strict disciplinary action as per the recommendation of discipline committee.

Warning :
• As per the supreme court directive, Ragging is a criminal offence and punishable under IPC.
• It is mandatory for the college to register FIR for any form of Ragging.
• Seeking No Ragging Certificate from college is must prior to leaving the college.

Awards & Scholarships :
• The college management has introduced Awards & Scholarship schemes to motivate students to excel in their academic pursuits.
• Deserving students from economically backward families are helped with scholarship as per norms.